Modern Log Data Management

Blueharbour utilizes Humio software to enable Live System Observability with fast, scalable, and efficient log data management

Services We Provide

The advanced DevOps observability solution

Go beyond just monitoring complex On Premise or Cloud-native systems. Blueharbour and Humio powers live system observability across your organization with real-time data ingest, index-free querying of streaming or stored data, advanced data compression, and shared dashboards.

Comprehensive Security and SecOps visibility

Blueharbour and Humio ingests any amount of data at any throughput, so you have the data you need to manage any security incident. Humio’s instant alerts programmatically and proactively monitor your infrastructure and systems, and can run scripts the instant an issue is detected.

IT and ITOps data observability

Today’s enterprise IT and ITOps organizations rely on the power of Blueharbour and Humio to give them visibility into what’s happening with all their data – structured and unstructured. Blueharbour and Humio helps them to understand, visualize, and analyze the systems they manage.

The best logging tool for modern Developers

Find problems with your code as it runs in development or in production. See the effects of deployment on the system, and highlight issues before they become emergencies. Blue Harbour’s index-free logging lets you ingest logs, metrics, traces, and any other kind of data. And the intuitive query language makes it easy to iteratively get to the root of a problem.