BlueHarbour is an Asia Pacific based Distributor and Consulting provider of Humio.

With a strong technical knowledge of Log Management and Data Streaming solutions – and a growing team of Consultants currently based in Australia, Singapore, China and Japan – we’ll offer the necessary expertise to demonstrate the value of Humio solution, as well as managing any related procurement, implementation and on-going support services.

Our technology provider, Humio

Humio was created as an alternative to existing traditional log management tools which were missing key elements required to achieve certain business results. Humio is a live observability platform that enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting and analysis from a range of sources.

Understanding the unknowns and preparing for unexpected issues become more achievable with Humio’s ‘Unlimited Plan’ log ingest, fast, real-time search and exploration, and the ability to compress and retain data using a proprietary storage and in-memory search/query engine.

Let us demonstrate the value of Humio to you, either as an augmentation to your current log management and observability investment, or as a replacement.